2 CEOs for Nasscom, 1 for heading Products & another for Services!!!

Let Nasscom have 2 leaders - Joint CEOs, 1 from the services & BPO business & 1 from products business, only then product companies will get justice! Lets discuss on the pros & cons here please....

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All the best Akshay!

Wow Akshay. Im sure your sincerity, fighting spirit and your overall capability will help you succeed. India needs many more like you.

Akshay: I agree with George. I like the fire in you. Wish you all the best!

Thanks to all, do spread the word. Need local support in Mumbai to win!!
Am standing in the upcoming BMC Elections 2012 from Ward 124 Kirol Village Ramji Ashar School Ward as a Professional Citizen Candidate supported by the Mumbai 227 NGO - www.mumbai227.com. My symbol is Ceiling Fan. Please VOTE for me for Winds of Change! My Video & Q&A available here : http://mumbaivotes.com/politicians/qna/1570/ & http://mumbaivotes.com/videos/584/. Reach me anytime at 9322655704 / 02225015831 / FB & Twitter @agilewiz email - akshay@iwebtechno.com

Frustration and angst is the driver for JOSH and Energy which drives leadership across. Either in Nasscom establishment or Nasscom connected volunteers like you and me and many of us who attended the Unconference on 10th Nov at NPG Bangalore and others waiting indefinitely ever to know WHAT NEXT.

That is India and Mera Desh Mahan. Establishment does not yield easily and will not do for reasons of their own. Pl do read yesterday ET or TOI where Yashwant Sinha _ former FM apologised to Kapil Sibal with full prostrations on all acts....

That is India we are passionate about.

As Devedutt Patnaik, Chief Belief Officer of Future Group, so nicely impacted us all during NPG session- Belief makes the behaviour and that shapes our business goals and success. Eventually it is BELIEF SYSTEM of India as our nation and Nasscom as a body to care about its stakeholders.

So Nasscom has its focus cut out clearly. To serve its its stakeholders.  It is its BELIEF SYSTEM.

You and me and many of us waiting for response are only part of volunteers wishing well for our emerging community, with individual stories of suffering and trials. So be it. It is individual issue or that of general community.  Nothing to do with Nasscom as a body, with its own priorities of LEADERSHIP MEET at Mumbai soon.

So I have no problems and expectations now these days, going by revealing insight from Devedutt Patnaik. Vivek Wadhwa tweets helps me more balanced.

Mentoring from Nasscom Chennai continues in its swing. This week we have two mentee cos coming to Chennai from Kerala for one hour session with distinguished mentor panel at Chennai.

Just an update of what we do at Chennai as our two cents to the community. Strong support from Nasscom Chennai and Delhi centers indeed.

Rest we have to figure out ourselves. All the good wishes for your success in local city volunteering. Spirit and Eneregy is most important and I am sure you will continue to energise us all.

Edited Tue, Feb 7, 2012 2:43 PM

Dear All,

Coming back to this blog post - we are still seeking updates from someone who knows what EC has decided for the future of Product Companies & Product Start-ups. Honestly we see no clear roadmap from Nasscom & neither do we see a Product representation in the EC of someone concrete who has run Product Companies earlier. Avinash leaving Nasscom was another bolt from the blue as he along with Sharad are our only saviours as far as the small but strong Product EMERGE Community goes!!

Awaiting updates or we need to decide what next?

Akshay Shah


Hi Akshay

Avinash's departure is indeed a great loss but NASSCOM is large enopugh to find new talent

Sharad will have briefed you on EC discussions as well as the plans for the Product group - if not do reach out to him



Thanks for the prompt reply Ganesh!

Will request Sharad to post all EC discussions updates here itself so all members are updated on the discussions & plans what Nasscom has for us Product companies / start-ups!

Akshay Shah



Mr Natarajan,

With all due respects to you & the great NASSCOM community, we feel totally neglected & lopsided. Neither do we see any SOPs for us or anything encouraging happening for us in the current Union Budget too. This makes it very clear that we are not on the radar of NASSCOM at all...In fact additional 2% service tax burden has been added to us!! As Product SMEs we feel orphaned with no representation whatsoever from the NASSCOM body to the ministries!!

With no reply from Sharad & with Avinash leaving NASSCOM too the mood amongst us is of despair & sombre.

This leaves us with no other solution but to start our own product focussed community which will ofcourse be in parallel to NASSCOM & maybe compete with it too!

Sorry to say but we are disheartened with no action & no updates whatsoever! We are getting step motherly treatment & why to be together when we are not on your RADAR at all, infact its real shortsightedness on your part, as Product SMEs its very clear we are going to be the engine for all the future growth in IT what's going to happen worldwide, anyways since none of us are yet large enough seems we are not being considered but am sure by 2020 things are going to be very different!!

Will request all concerned & affected to add to this...


Akshay Shah




As I have posted in another thread, I did not see any mention of IT/Software in the budget - seems the industry has fallen off the government radar. The only silver lining is that there is no discrimination for SME or product companies.

On a more serious note, I can tell you that the EMERGE team (NEPG) is getting closely aligned to the NASSCOM Secretariat with a view to build a bridge between the NEPG ideas and execution.

The task of moving the policy framework is long term and tough. Yet, I am convinced that we will pursue this with the best of ability and intention.

I doubt if any other forum can provide a better platform to pursue the agenda.

My 2c.



Sorry to sound a bit rude here but what is NEPG & who is NEPG? Mr Natarajan always says Sharad will reply who has not replied here as of yet, is this not toal lack of co-ordination or importance? Avinash the sole spine & soul of NASSCOM EMERGE has left, Another team member of NEPG - Suresh has shifted to the US. Come on! What's left?

Maybe, you are happy with the progress NEPG is doing but clearly the majority of us NEPG Members are not happy! We can say we are not even working at snail's pace!!

You guys clearly have arrived but most of us have not, we need active representation & lobbying not passive & on part time basis!

What I seriously feel is most guys get active when some of us send posts on the NEPG. Is this how an association has to work?

I seriously beg to differ & am very clear this is not the way to go about stuff!!

Akshay Shah.




Sounds like you know NEPG well enough already so I will duck that question.

Agree with you that the reply suggested by Ganesh is over-due.


I have refrained from commenting as there isn't a material update to share since our big meeting on Nov 10th morning at NPC. In any case, let me recap where we are.

We can broadly bucket our NEPG initiatives into two categories. The first category contains 4 initiatives. These are NPC, Group Medical Insurance, CIO-Connect and Press-for-Products. All these have been successful to a large extent. They have been run by quiet doers: Avinash (anchoring a 50 person team), Kishore, Sangeeta and Peter respectively. They all involve some kind of NASSCOM Secretariat collaboration but no government interface.

The second bucket has 4 NEPG initiatives that are not yet successful. They all involve a government interface. In this list we have the 3 year effort to get preferential Govt. buying norms in place for smaller IT companies, an 18 month effort to get a UID Foundation (to promote a developer ecosystem) in place, a very modest effort to enact the Technology Entrepreneur Promotion Program (TePP) so that DST funding is available for early-stage startups and a dormant effort to push for a Common Brand Fund for small companies.

Not having had any success with the second bucket, a war of ideas has broken out within the core team. One camp believes that we just need to collaborate with NASSCOM Secretariat better. While I'm all for this, I don't think this is sufficient. After all, the mainstream initiatives of NASSCOM are not getting traction at this time. You only need to read the NASSCOM Budget statement to get a sense of disappointment there. The second camp, of which I'm a part, believes that we haven't yet brought the needed discipline of preparation and follow-up (that, by the way, we follow for the first bucket of initiatives) to the second bucket of initiatives. Simply put we have to work harder and smarter within the volunteer team to pull these off. As I pointed out in the Nov 10th meeting, 80% of the work has to be done by the volunteer team before secretariat can take it to the finish line. This just hasn't happened for the second bucket of initiatives.

The rank of quiet doers in the NEPG core team has shrunk. Avinash has left. Suresh and Indus have moved to US. Vijay is tied up with his work. So the ratio of talkers to doers in the core team has shifted unfavorably this year. This has made it harder to raise the bar on our own work. Well, there is single day offsite for the core NEPG team on 24thwhere we'll try and address some of these issues. I'll report back to you after this meeting. Good news or bad - you'll hear from me on 26th March.

Thanks Sharad for this in-depth analysis & update! This is what the group was waiting for, transparency is the key and we all are here to work for the NEPG. If the group of the core team is dwindling, we all will add to it, all we need is the facts & we are here to help-in, join-in.

However, from the face of it, your inputs are not too positive per say. Am not sure what Mr Natarajan was referring to in his blog posts as honestly I do not see any great material update or decisions taken in the last EC meet (Nov 2011). However, lets wait for the March 26th meet & talk on the next steps!

Clearly, we need much more to be done from NASSCOM & the NASSCOM EC for the Product Community. We are ready to chip in but we need proper support, backing & in-roads via NASSCOM. Like Sharad said, we are ready to do the ground work provided we see equal enthusiasm from the NASSCOM Council members or else its all futile.

Once again, Thanks Sharad! Cheers!

Akshay Shah



We have only 2 ways out here.

Option A: NEPG represents IP oriented software companies well, without (repeat without) being diluted in any manner by Nasscom's services outlook (large or SME)

Option B: Have a seperate group to handle our interest.

In either case, we cannot have ambiguity.

Since the NEPG core group is meeting on 26th, can this be the biggest point in the agenda? Other action points dont have much meaning without this decision

Im sure there are enough volunteers if the core groups numbers are dwindling. What we need is a) leadership b) someone reliable and full time at the secretariat for this group c) specific action plans that happen in our interest



Edited Sat, Mar 17, 2012 3:45 PM


Let me provide a bit of a reality check

We have a dsmal global economic situation and a Government in India which is just about trying for fiscal sobriety in the face of its political and economic compulsions. Dont expect any help from them for the next year or so !

An old phrase which is my favourite goes "Pray to God sailor but row for the shore". Look at what you need to do in your offsite to bring the Product community the success they deserve and the NASSCOM EC will be all ears at our next meeting on 30th April to support any good ideas

All the best




Volunteers have limitations on chasing Govt corridors, especially when 80-90% Nasscom members (in Emerge-Service or Product community) are small players dispersed, working from homes and garages. Large co CXOs, may be able to use their co business trips/ credit cards to share travel and food bills on voluntary work along with their co  business travels, not affordable by small outfits.

Yes, Vounteers should not come to Nasscom with any expectations of any kind. That principle puts a brake, when it comes to chasing corridors, which costs cash and time on part of the volunteers. ( probably touchy point). Nasscom Sectt do not have such suffering points in their KRAs/KPIs, so while they appreciate the challenge, have other priorities.

It hurts Product community more, as market is global, which is beyond normal reach. Getting showcase customer success stories in India hurts on taxation issues. Guests speakers like Guy Kawasaki, Vivek Wadhwa, Vinod Khosla etc add to the community pitch, who may not know about desi culture. ( Spoiling Indians in India!)

Where does the community look forward for relief? That is where Som and Sangeeta could have added their views and suggestions to make the debate wholesome. May be even today. At least that may make this hot debate broader, rather than leaving to EC members alone to handle the CRINGE....which I have blogged recently as calling for anticipatory actions


But I see a ray of hope in what Ganesh had suggested. "Pray to God sailor but row for the shore". I am sure following days will get us clarity and confidence.   


All of us would have been perfectly happy if a serious attempt was made to influence the budget from the Emerge community and no outcome was obtained due to political and macro economic compulsion. If there was any attempt, no one talked about it.

The core 'suspicion' we all have is that the agenda to influence the budget, or for that matter anything is first based on what the big companies want, and we are left with the spill overs. If the biggies dont get anything 'how can you smallies' get anything.

All of us were energized in the past years when we saw Nasscom taking up our cause in the form of Emerge. We would like that cause to be real, and not cosmetic. We need something more than a banner and an assembly point of volunteers.

I do hope some of the meetings in March end lead to something tangible, else we will all be disillusioned.

Edited Mon, Mar 19, 2012 9:09 AM

Thanks George and Rajendra

You may not be aware that one of the main requests we made to the Government was to consider special incentives for small companies, product firms and Tier 2 and 3 locations.

There are some good points including the Innovation fund and the special allocation for SME development that will help in some ways.

We do not expect or ask for any any SOPs for large companies these days except for some duty rationalisation and SEZ MAT withdrawl so the focus is and will be on buildign a more inclusive industry.

Any other ideas welcome



@Ganesh, agree there is some global turmoil but its not as bad as your post sounds or else how quarter on quarter all of you showing resounding growth? Both US & Europe are now doing quite well so the future is quite bright am sure!

Your quote "Look at what you need to do in your offsite to bring the Product community the success they deserve and the NASSCOM EC will be all ears at our next meeting on 30th April to support any good ideas" - This clearly means the NASSCOM EC wants us to do things on our own & they will be all ears to to hear our sucess stories!!!! So again clearly we are being singled out to do stuff on our own as we are doing till date!!!

Sir, we wanna work as an integral part of your team. We want product representation within NASSCOM EC. We want transparency on what's being discussed & transpired & planned for our Industry (Products). You said some great things were discussed in the last EC meet but from Sharad's post I could not single out those in particular, maybe I could not read in between the lines, so can you guide on this please??

Secondly, startups like mine focus on the domestic markets & touchwood its just doing fine, all we need is some support & impetus either from the government or from the already arrived players like you in the ecosystem & together we can do wonders. Like they do in the valley - all we need is some inclusive cohesive growth & planning, can NASSCOM EC do something for this?

Lets move ahead & as George said lets talk & deliver some tangible results please!!


Akshay Shah



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